Service Contract: Terms and Conditions

By accepting electric service from OPPD, the customer agrees to comply with OPPD's Service Regulations. The following summarizes portions of Service Regulations.

The customer shall safeguard and provide adequate protection for OPPD property located on the customer's premises, including metering equipment, and shall maintain clear and safe access to the equipment at all reasonable times.

It is the customer’s responsibility to know when the bill is due. The customer shall pay for electric service monthly, or at regular intervals prescribed at the option of OPPD. The customer’s payment of the bill must be received before the due date designated on the bill or a Late Payment Charge will be assessed. Failure to receive a bill shall not entitle the customer to a refund of the Late Payment Charge. If a bill is not paid on or before the due date, the Late Payment Charge will apply, such bill is delinquent and OPPD reserves the right to charge a fee for field collection calls and/or to discontinue service. If a balance due for service at any previous address of a customer is not paid within fifteen (15) days after removal from such address, such balance shall become delinquent and service at the address covered by this contract may be discontinued. OPPD has the right to transfer any delinquent bill balance to 1) any other premises or OPPD account for which the customer is or becomes liable in any manner or 2) any other premises or OPPD account at or from which the customer receives the benefit of electric service. Service discontinued for delinquency will not be reconnected until all charges including the expense of disconnecting and reconnecting are paid.

To prevent loss due to nonpayment of bills, OPPD has the right at any time to require the customer to maintain a deposit with OPPD equals to double the maximum bill hereunder, to transfer any delinquent balance covered by a letter of guaranty (General Service or Residential) to any other OPPD account of the guarantor; and to transfer any unpaid debt of the customer to the OPPD to the customer’s active service account.

OPPD will endeavor to supply, but does not guarantee, uninterrupted service. It shall not be a breach by OPPD of its part of the service contract with the customer when service is interrupted for: repairs; alterations; want of supply; conditions on the customer's premises dangerous to persons, property or service of the customer or others; nonpayment by the customer of amounts payable hereunder; failure by the customer to provide means to access for obtaining regularly scheduled meter readings of the meter or for testing the OPPD’s metering equipment; failure by the customer to protect OPPD's metering equipment from theft, abuse or vandalism; or prevention of fraud or abuse.

The customer waives claim for, and hereby releases and discharges OPPD from claims for, and shall indemnify and save harmless OPPD from, any and all loss and damage arising from interruption of service, or on account of injury to persons (including death), or damage to property on the premises of a customer or under a customer's control, unless such loss, damage, or injury is the natural, probable and reasonably foreseeable consequence of OPPD's negligence, and such negligence is the sole and proximate cause thereof.

Neither this contract, nor the service supplied there under, shall be assignable or transferable by the customer without the written consent of OPPD.

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